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  • Wife, Mom & Dog Lover
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Avid Reader & Introvert
  • I help entrepreneurs gain peace & order with planning & processes.

Hey there! Nice to meet you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My zodiac sign is a cancer so that speaks for itself – lol! I like what I like and most times it’s the opposite of what everyone else likes, go figure 🤷🏾‍♀️. I keep a small circle around me. I love hard and care deeply for those inside my circle. There is no mystery where I stand on anything! This page is all things me, in my own introverted world 😊. Most see the “get-down-to-business” side of me as the CEO of my own firm, but now you’ll see the other side of me. Trust me, I really do more than work. You’ll see!

Behind the Brand

Self Care

Let me tell you, I can be a workaholic. So, self care is a MUST. It’s so hard but we MUST work at it, just like we work hard at everything else. It keeps you mentally and physically healthy so you can show up as THE best person you can be for yourself, family and business. I’ve burned the candle stick at both ends before and know the dangers of it. Get insight into how I try (even though it’s hard and I fall off the wagon sometimes 🤷🏾‍♀️) to put myself first by enjoying good books, food, friends and fun (at least my version of it anyway)!


During the day, I am the CEO of my own firm, Moore Planning & Consulting. I’m a former corporate leader turned entrepreneur and I love it! I help entrepreneurs turn ideas into income and chaos into systems in their business. It’s not a “sexy” job but someone has to do it and that person is me. It’s why I’m called the Execution Strategist! I get ish done!


It’s not easy raising a family. I wear many, many hats. Despite the chaos that may spring up at times, it’s very important to make time for the ones you love. We are all here for a short time and we must make every moment of it. I’ll give you a peak into my world and how the Moore household operates. This will be fun 😁!

Finn Finn

One thing you have to know about me is that I. LOVE. MY. DOG 🐶! Our malti-poo, Infinnity Simba Moore aka Finn Finn aka C.W.O. (Chief Wellness Officer)… yeah, we gave her a middle name and a job title; she’s that important … brightens our household with her personality and doggie demands. Get a look into “The World of Finn Finn”! We love her and you’ll fall in love with her too!


Hold up! Who else loves office supplies and all things office as much as I do 🙋🏾‍♀️! I have a love of shopping for office supplies like most women love shopping for clothes, for real! I can’t wait to share my “toys” with you because I use them in my home and in my household.

Reader's Corner

I absolutely love to read! I read novels like most watch tv. It’s my preferred method of entertainment. My library card gets more use than my credit card, for real! I was the elementary school girl that ordered books from Scholastic Books each month and couldn’t wait for the in-school book fair. And, my love for reading shifted to high school. If I had any time after tests or during study hall, I would whip out a young romance novel. Anyone remember, Sweet Valley High or Couples? I still have the books in my childhood bedroom at my dad’s house. Now that I’m all grown up – lol – I read professional development and pleasure reading books.

Professional Reading Books are a great supplement to my professional development as an entrepreneur. Having 1:1 coaching is great but reading a book to fill in specific gaps are necessary for me at times. To do this, I focus on three core areas – prayer, productivity and profit. Click the button below to learn about the books that help me in my entrepreneurship journey! Now, please know that there are so many more books that I’ve read, but these are some of my favorites. What are some of your favs?

What are some of your favorite professional development and pleasure reading books? Email me and let me know. I might want to enjoy them too – with the subject line: “Professional Development Reading Recommendation” or “Pleasure Reading Recommendation”. Who knows, you might see it on my list?

Want to join my Virtual Reading Group? Send me an email ( letting me know which reading group you are interested in and I’ll send you the details!

Pleasure Reading With me, it’s not just about professional development reading. I truly enjoy snatching up a good, thick novel and getting lost in someone else’s world when my own can be too much. I have my Aunt Joanne to thank for that. She’d leave novels all over our house and I’d sneak behind her and read them when she was finished.

For me, it’s the page turning, not the scrolling. The thicker the book, the better! And, if it’s a family saga - because I love series books – and it has more than 800 pages, I’m definitely in!

Blog Corner

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